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Join Built Green

To receive discounts on your Built Green membership and enrollment fees, please become an MBAKS member (select option on next page) or be a member of your local builders association before submitting your Built Green application.

Already a member of a non-MBAKS local builders association? Please select the "Member of a Partner Association" option on the application.

The cost of your builder's association membership will be covered by Built Green fee discounts at the following number of units enrolled per year for the following builders associations:

MBAKS, MBA Pierce, and OMB: 7 units*
BIA Whatcom and Skagit/Island BA: 4 units*

*based on 2021 membership fees, subject to change

Business Area Code / Phone

Business Type:

The applicant’s designation of membership type is not conclusive; Built Green does not evaluate the membership type at the time of application and reserves the ability to do so at any time in Built Green’s discretion.

Business Activity