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2023 Built Green Hammer Award Winners

As per tradition, at the 2023 Built Green Conference we recognized Built Green’s outstanding builders and advocates during our annual Built Green Hammer Award ceremony. The best projects from the past year were highlighted and Built Green supporters were recognized for their contributions to the program. This year the award plaques were made from salvaged sequoia planks, locally sourced from Earthwise Architectural Salvage.

Hammer Award Winners - TC Legend Homes

Award Category: Builder, Custom or Small Speculative, less than 10 homes

Winner: TC Legend Homes

Award Category: Builder, Small Production, 10 to 100 homes

Winner: Green Canopy NODE

Hammer Award Winners - GCN

Hammer Award Winners - Greencity

Award Category: Builder, Large Production, over 100 homes

Winner: Greencity Development

Award Category: Builder, Small Multifamily, less than 50 units

Winner: Habitat for Humanity SKKC

Project: Capitol View Condos

Hammer Award Winners - Habitat for Humanity SKC

Hammer Award Winners - Blueprint Capital Services

Award Category: Builder, Medium Multifamily, 50 to 150 Units

Winner: Blueprint Capital Services

Project: Clay Apartments

Award Category: Builder, Large Multifamily, over 150 Units

Winner: Kamiak Real Estate LLC

Project: Goldfinch Elder’s Housing and Denny Apartments

Hammer Award Winners - Kamiak Real Estate LLC

All the top-performing, multifamily buildings, that earned these builders their awards, are now owned and operated by nonprofit organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, Chief Seattle Club, YWCA, and the Low Income Housing Institute, to provide permanent affordable housing.

Hammer Award Winners - Dwell Development LLC

Award Category: Builder, Remodel

Winner: Dwell Development LLC

Project: Lakehouse 2.0 Renovation

Hammer Award Winners - O’Brien360

Award Category: Built Green Advocate Private Sector

Winner: O’Brien360

Description: Alistair Jackson, David Reddy, and the whole team at O’Brien360 have been instrumental in guiding and assisting Built Green to hone its checklists through multiple WSEC updates. Providing hours of consultative services and being active participants on Built Green’s technical advisory panel. Additionally, they have been long-time advocates of the program, offering council to some of our public stakeholders who were updating and developing new green building incentives in their cities, to ensure all certification programs were fairly represented.

Award Category: Built Green Advocate Public Sector

Winner: David Barnes, City of Kirkland

Description: As a long-standing Senior Planner in the City of Kirkland, co-chair of the King County Cities Climate Collaborative, member of the Regional Code Collaboration, and a member of the Built Green Executive Committee, David has been an integral part of increasing sustainable development in the Puget Sound region. In the past year, he has advocated on Built Green’s behalf, and included Built Green in the process of developing Kirkland’s new High Performance Green Building Standards and programs. Creating the first green remodel incentive program in the state. He routinely shares with other jurisdictions his experience and advocates for adoption of Built Green incentives to support lower impact development in King and Snohomish Counties.

Hammer Award Winners - David Barnes

Hammer Award Winners - Jess Harris

Award Category: Built Green Pioneer

Winner: Jess Harris, City of Seattle

Description: Jess has been with the City of Seattle for over 20 years and is SDCI’s green building expert. As the City of Seattle’s Green Building Program Manager, he’s directed the creation of one of the region's first green building incentive programs, Priority Green, and later the Living Building Pilot program. He has been a vital partner in the development and adoption of Built Green in Seattle’s housing market. Since 2019, he has been on the Built Green Executive Committee and has previously been awarded two Built Green Hammer awards for public sector advocacy.

Award Category: Built Green Pioneer

Winner: Sean Conta, Targa Homes

Description: A former passive house rater and Built Green verifier, Sean became a builder in 2018. Targa’s team of two focuses on high-performance home building in the custom homes market. From the get-go they implemented high-performance building science techniques to minimize operational emissions in their homes. All of Sean’s projects are 5-star certified and have scored an average of 671 points on their Built Green checklists. In the last couple years, Sean has been an early adopter in measuring and reducing the embodied material emissions of Targa’s homes and was a pilot tester during development of the BEAM Estimator tool. His homes have been featured in numerous Built Green Case Studies and they earned a Built Green Hammer Project of the Year award in 2021.

Hammer Award Winners - Sean Conta

Hammer Award Winners - Dwell Development LLC Lakehouse
Hammer Award Winners - Dwell Development LLC Lakehouse

Award Category: Project of the Year

Winner: Dwell Development LLC

Project: Lakehouse 2.0 Development

Description: The Lakehouse 2.0 Development by Dwell Development. This project features the above awarded 5-star Net Zero Energy (NZE) certified historical remodel and NZE-Ready DADU, and a newly constructed NZE-Ready 5-star certified home with an attached ADU. To learn more about this development, read the full Built Green case study.

Congratulations to all our 2023 Built Green Hammer Award Winners!! We can’t wait to see what exciting projects we get to review next year.

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